Palpitations – should I be worried

Palpitations are one of the commonest things that people come and see me about. I have written a guide with 10 things you need to know before you call the doctor – when you need to worry and when you can relax. Fill in your details below to get your free copy. A palpitation isContinue reading “Palpitations – should I be worried”

If I have an AF ablation without insurance, why is it so expensive?

So you’ve got Atrial fibrillation (AF) and you’ve considered your options for treatment – a lifestyle approach, medications, or an ablation. You’ve decided that the best solution for you is an AF ablation.  You may be having this paid for by insurance, but more and more patients are saving on insurance premiums and deciding toContinue reading “If I have an AF ablation without insurance, why is it so expensive?”

Medicines for rhythm problems

There are lots of medicines out there for heart rhythm issues. The first line that are beta blockers (eg bisoprolol) or calcium channel antagonists (eg diltiazem).  These generally slow the heart and can reduce extra beats, but aren’t very good at keeping you in a normal rhythm. Anti-arrhythmic drugs can keep you in a normalContinue reading “Medicines for rhythm problems”

Ablation – for heart rhythm

Ablation really just means the destruction of cells.  When applied to heart rhythm problems it means we can treat heart cells that are causing trouble. It is done by using one of 2 technologies – either microwave energy to heat cells, or liquid nitrous oxide to freeze cells.  These cause the proteins in the cellsContinue reading “Ablation – for heart rhythm”