Can I use an induction hob if I have a pacemaker?

It is not uncommon for patients to ask me ‘what if I get too close to an induction hob if I have a pacemaker?’

If you haven’t got a pacemaker, then you may think this is strange because induction hobs are so commonplace.

Surely it is safe for anyone with a pacemaker to use an induction hob.

Well, the answer is that ‘it is safe’,

…but there are things to know about.

Induction hobs are very popular

  • they look clean
  • the hob doesn’t get very hot
  • and there are fewer indoor pollutants from burning gas

They work by using powerful magnetic fields to heat the pan directly

…and magnetic fields can interfere with pacemakers.

They can cause electrical currents in the pacemaker leads.

These currents won’t damage your heart but they will be sensed by the pacemaker.

  • The first thing is not to get too close. Most manufacturers recommend the pacemaker is  at least 60cm away from the hob. This minimises the chance that any currents are induced in the pacemaker leads.

But what if you get too close to an induction hob if I have a pacemaker?

Well the pacemaker may sense electrical currents and therefore not deliver any pacing therapy.

If you are dependent on the pacemaker

This may be a problem and you might feel dizzy.

Almost all pacemakers eventually realise that there is electrical noise so revert to a non-sensing mode where the pacemaker continues to deliver pacing treatment.

This is usually quite quick so any dizzy spells will pass without resulting in a fainting episode.

If you are not pacing dependent

It is highly unlikely that you will notice anything if you get too close.

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