Accessory pathway ablation

Just thought I’d put out a post from my work last week. A woman in her 30’s had been getting palpitations. They were much worse during her pregnancy, but continued even after delivery. We had caught a supra-ventricular tachycardia (SVT) on ECG monitoring. I did an Electrophysiology study to assess the heart’s wiring system. IContinue reading “Accessory pathway ablation”

Is Wearable Tech Any Better Than Feeling Your Own Pulse?

Is this the best thing since sliced bread? Well yes and no. There’s an awful lot of hype, and Silicon Valley methods – move fast and break things – is not really the way medicine works. As Doctors, we’re very sceptical and want assurance that something works before we recommend it. But wearable tech hasContinue reading “Is Wearable Tech Any Better Than Feeling Your Own Pulse?”

Are we going to have a second wave of Covid?

I was asked this by one of my patients last night. Simple question, difficult to answer. We are all seeing in the media that the number of infections is rising steadily, but overall numbers are much lower than earlier in the pandemic. They also seem to be geographically concentrated in the north west, north eastContinue reading “Are we going to have a second wave of Covid?”

Ever wondered what all those letters after a doctors name mean?

Here’s a potted guide. The letters themselves are called postnomials. They are qualifications and can indicate membership or fellowship of an organisation that can award them. MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery. This is the degree issued by most medical schools in the UK after 5 years of medical training at University. MBChBContinue reading “Ever wondered what all those letters after a doctors name mean?”

Can exercise cause trouble for my heart?

Everyone thinks exercise is good for you. It certainly is! Being fit does reduce the chance of health problems including heart attacks strokes and diabetes. But it becomes more complex if you have heart problems. People who have had heart attacks are offered cardiac rehab to put them through a graded exercise program to getContinue reading “Can exercise cause trouble for my heart?”

Atrial fibrillation – rate control, but how?

So we’ve decided that rate control is the best way forward for you – but how do we achieve it? The mainstay is medication and there are different types that can be used. First line are beta blockers such as bisoprolol.  These are usually very safe and well tolerated.  They can be taken safely forContinue reading “Atrial fibrillation – rate control, but how?”